• On arrival at the restaurant we invite you to download the Wink app it is not compulsory.
  • Once you sign up you will be able to see everyone who is participating (very much like Tinder).
  • Immediately you will see on the app that we have given you a complimentary drink which we invite you to send to someone you want to speak/engage with. You will receive one of these every time you attend the restaurant.
  • The Wink app allows you to text chat like dating apps, but in addition the drinks menu and the ability to order drinks for other people is integrated. Once you have sent your complimentary one you can use this same approach to open up a conversation with other people in the restaurant and basically break the ice.
  • The Wink experience can be enjoyed by those not looking to dine you are welcome to experience wink at the bar, we still offer you the complimentary drink.
  • Wink is a new and exciting way to meet people.